Founder / Director General

International Business School- IBS-

22, Boulevard Viviani,

Sananes, Oran, Algeria

Mobile: +213 07 95 25 03 19 (Algeria)
+213 (0) 41 21 75 77



1- Personal
Place of Birth, Oued-Rhiou ex Inkermann, Algeria
Marital status: Married with three children

2- Qualifications

Ph.D. in International Economics, University of Glasgow, UK, 1978
B.Sc. (Hons) in Economics, Oran University, Algeria, 1973.

3- Post-Doctoral Training

• Risk-Focus Supervision & Risk Management, AMF, Abu Dhabi, 2006
• Foreign Exchange Operations in Central Banks, AMF,
 Abu Dhabi, 2001
• Monetary Operations in Central Banks, AMF, Abu Dhabi, 2000
• Techniques of Public Debt Management, AMF, Abu Dhabi, 2000
• Central Banks of Accounting, AMF, Abu Dhabi, 1999
• Portfolio Management, AMF, Abu Dhabi, 1998
• Banking Supervision, World Bank, Cairo, Egypt, 1995
• Capital Markets, Central Bank of Japan, Tokyo, 1990
• Creation and Management of Database in Capital Markets, IFC
      (World Bank), Washington, USA, 1990
• Fiscal Policy and Analysis, IMF, Washington, USA, 1986
• Capital Markets, Citibank, New York, USA, 1984
• Foreign Exchange Operations and Money Markets, Citibank,
     New York, USA, 1983
• Balance of Payments Methodology, FMI, Washington, USA, 1983

4- Current Positions :

 - ITC Middle East, Chief Officer,
  Abu Dhabi, UAE
The purpose of ITC is to provide Information Technology and Consulting services to the financial and banking sector in emerging Markets.

 - International Business School, Oran, Algeria
 Founder / Director General

- International Consultant
- Author (see list of publications)

 5- Previous Positions

Senior Economist , Treasury and Investment Department

Contribute to the management of the US$ 11 billion plus portfolios of the Arab Monetary Fund (AMF) and the Arab Trade Financing Program (ATFP)

Duties include:
• Member of the AMF and ATFP Investment Committees
• Member of Treasury and Investment Department Committee.          
• Drafting and updating the Investment Policy of the AMF and ATFP
• Drafting and updating the Investment Guidelines to the External Fund Managers for the AMF and ATFP
• Selecting and  updating the List of AMF deposits taking Banks using Fitch Ratings, Moody’s and Capital Intelligence
• Selecting External Fund Managers
• Selecting Hedge Funds and Hedge Fund Managers (due diligence)
• Selecting Cash and Bond Benchmarks for the Internal portfolio and External Fund Mangers
• Evaluating the performance of the AMF and ATFP Internal Portfolios, Hedge Funds and External Fund managers
• Participating in the assets allocation decisions at the Treasury and Investment Departmental level
• Participating in the negotiation of specific mandate with External Fund Managers covering fixed income, equities, real estate and mixed-asset class portfolios.
• Participating in the drafting of the Quarterly reports to the Board of Administration of the AMF and ATFP
• Preparing research papers at the request of the General Manager and the AMF and ATFP Investment Committees with the purpose of enhancing the portfolios’ returns
• In charge of introducing Islamic banking instruments to the AMF and ATFP portfolios
• Contributing to the opening accounts with foreign banks and drafting the proper documents for tax and KYC purposes.
• Following the major economies (USA, Japan, EURO-Zone and UK) and making weekly presentations to the Treasury and Investment Department committee
• Meeting with bankers and drafting recommendations for the Director of Treasury and Investment Department

 I have developed solid working relationships with international and Regional banks, External Fund Managers, Fund of Funds Managers and as well as custodians. 


a- As Head of the Financial Markets Division, I was involved in the creation and development of capital markets in Arab countries. In this capacity I undertook the following field missions: Algeria (mission chief), Jordan (mission chief), Oman (mission chief), UAE (mission chief), Yemen (mission chief), Qatar, Egypt, Bahrain, Morocco and Tunisia. The missions cover every aspect of a securities market especially the company laws and other relevant legislation such as the commercial banks law, the Central Bank law, the commercial banks laws, the accounting and auditing laws, the foreign investments law, the securities law, the Stock Exchange law and all related rules and regulations issued by the relevant authorities such as the Ministry of Commerce. These missions also covered the supply and demand aspects of securities and the financial intermediation (brokers and market makers) and investment policies of commercial banks, insurance companies and investment funds.

b- I was involved in the creation of the AMF databank on Arab capital    markets, (Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Lebanon, Algeria, Sudan, and Palestine) and published a Quarterly Report in Arabic covering these
 fifteen financial markets.

c- I represented the AMF in the meetings of the Arab Union of Stock Exchanges, the International Organization of Securities Commissions Organizations (IOSCO) and the Islamic Development Bank.

I am very well versed in all the current legislation in the Arab countries especially banking supervision, Company laws, Securities Commissions, and securities Markets laws. I am able to supervise, and need be draft alone, the prospectus of any bond or Sukuk offerings, and conduct successfully listing operations in any Arab stock exchange.

d- I was a member of the Secretariat of the Arab Banking Supervision Committee (ABSC) covering 20 Arab countries and a member of the Working Group (Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, Qatar, Bahrain). The role of the ABSC is to strengthen banking supervision in the Arab countries and, more precisely, to set up a minimum supervisory standard in line with BIS regulations. In this capacity, I undertook a comprehensive study of banking supervision practices in all Arab countries, and represented the AMF in meetings of the Union of Arab Banks; hence I am aware of challenges facing the banking sector in Emerging Markets

I am well aware of issues covering banking supervision and compliance in commercial banks in the UAE and in other Arab countries.

e- Participated in AMF missions for designing and following up adjustment programmes (Algeria, Jordan, Egypt, Mauritania, Sudan, Somalia, Morocco, Yemen, Tunisia and Djibouti) which cover issues related to the financial sector monetary policy and payments systems. This type of mission covers the local securities markets as well as the improvements that have to be introduced in order to create a more transparent, secure and fluid payments system including the bond market.

This gave me the opportunity to establish good working relationships with central banks and commercial banks in the region.

I have also represented the AMF in numerous missions, conferences and seminars dealing with Hedges Funds, Islamic banking, rating, economic, financial and social adjustment programs, and capital markets and banking supervision and I have presented papers on these issues. I also represented the AMF at some annual meetings of the Islamic Development Bank.

6- Teaching Experience

1 Institute of Economic Policies, AMF, Abu-Dhabi, UAE, 1995-2009 lectures on Emerging Capital Markets, Investments in International Financial Markets, .

2 Yarmouk University, Faculty of Economics, Jordan, 1979/81
Assistant Professor of Economics

3 Oran University,  Faculty of Economics, Algeria, 1978/79
Assistant Professor of Economics & Head of Department

4 Centre for Vocational  Training, Mostaganem, Algeria 1978/79
Assistant Professor of Economics

7- Consultancy and Administrative Experience

• Member of the Supervisory Committee of the AMF’s Institute of Economic Policies
• UNDP consultant on Social Safety Nets
• Member of the Planning and Development Committee of Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan as well as several times Acting Chairman of the Department of Economics, Yarmouk University and Responsible for Student-Faculty Relations.
• Head of Department, Faculty of Economics, Oran University, Algeria
• Consultant INPED (Institut National de la Productivité et du Développement), Ministry of Light Industries, Algeria.

8- Languages and IT

Literate in the use of Reuters & Bloomberg terminals, and general IT skills

 Fluent in English, Arabic and French

From 1981 to 2006, I have contributed to the writing and editing of The Joint Arab Economic Report published by the AMF, the Arab League, the OAPEC and the AFESD, covering the yearly developments in financial markets and International Economic Developments


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